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BANGLADESH MARINE FISHERIES ASSOCIATION (BMFA) is a non-governmental organization, based on the principles of voluntary, autonomy and equality. BMFA was established in 1980 and approved by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh under section 3 of the trade organizations ordinance 1961 (ordinance No. XLV of 1961 and registered with the register of joint stock companies, Dhaka under the companies Act, 1913 (Act VII of 1913) as a company with limited liability.

BMFA members include leading Marine Shrimp & Fish producers and exporters with companies providing services in Marine Fisheries sector. Based on mutual support, the association was established to coordinate and link enterprise operations, to improve value, quality and competitive capacity of Bangladesh marine fishing industry and to enhance source of raw material for seafood export, to represent and to protect legal interests of the nation and the members of the association..

Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Association (BMFA) is the only trade body representing the members of fish and shrimp catching companies from the Bay of Bengal. Since its inception the association has been working to promote and protect the interest of Marine Shrimp & Fish Exporters in the country. It also acts as a vital link between the trade bodies and the different government and regulatory bodies. The association is also devoted to establish and promote businesses with foreign buyers, national and international business associations and the Chamber of Commerce and Industries to develop export marketing of Bangladeshi seafood. BMFA has also been playing a vital role in partnership with the Bangladesh Government including advising in relevant policy, quality control, packaging, marketing and developing the fishery industries of the country.


  • Support members to improve capacity, quality and effectiveness in their business, open markets and strengthen competitiveness of marine seafood products, contribute to development of marine fishery industry.

  • Establish and develop linkage between and coordinate with the members’ activities based on voluntary and mutual interests; organize common events, facilitating mutual understanding and communication, aiming to create a goodwill relationship between members.

  • Protect legal interests of the association and members; represent members to send government and state authorities the proposals and petitions on development of Marine Sector.

  • Develop members, infrastructure and expand operating scope of the association; establish and develop international relations.